Progressive Bingo 3 times a day!

Las Vegas Casino situated in Westlands, Nairobi offers Bingo games 3 times a day! Come and play bingo every day at Las Vegas Casino for your chance to win our progressive jackpot guaranteed at a minimum of KES 500,000! We offer Super Bingo every Friday at 10pm where you could become a millionaire! See details below:

Bingo cards at the reception:
Las vegas reception area
Bingo live at Las Vegas
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Daily Progressive Bingo:
01:30 pm, 04:30 pm, 12:30 am
Name of Game Guaranteed Prize Jackpot!
Diamond Game KES 10,000/- KES 40.000/-
Line Game (Played 3 times) KES 5,000/-  
Cover All Game KES 20,000/- KES 500.000/-


Super Bingo:
Every Friday 10:00pm
Name of Game Guaranteed Prize Jackpot!
Diagonal Line KES 12,000/-  
Horizontal Line KES 12,000/-  
Vertical Line KES 12,000/-  
Cover All Game KES 100,000/- KES 1,000.000/-


Daily Progressive Bingo

Card Prices and Cover All Jackpot

Card Price Jackpot Prize
(Cover All Game)
Max. Calls

1st Week KES 500/- KES 500,000/- 54
2nd Week KES 600/- KES 525,000/- 55
3rd Week KES 700/- KES 550,000/- 56
4th Week KES 800/- KES 575,000/- 57
5th Week KES 900/- KES 600,000/- 58
6th Week KES 1,000/- KES 625,000/- 59
7th Week KES 1,100/- KES 650,000/- 60
8th Week KES 1,200/- KES 675,000/- 60
9th Week+ will remain same as 8th Week

Las Vegas Casino offers Progressive Bingo played 3 times daily. In progressive bingo, we offer a jackpot in the Cover All game (main game) which is won if a player completes the Cover All game in the listed calls or less. The jackpot increases every week until there is a winner. Jackpot starts at an amazing KES 500,000/- and increases by KES 25,000/- every week up to KES 675,000/-!

There is also a jackpot on the Diamond Game of up to KES 40,000/-.

Cover All Game (Daily Games)
Guaranteed Prize of KES 20,000/-
In the Cover All game, you must close all your numbers to win the game. If you are the first one to complete your board you win KES 20,000/-. If you can complete your game in the listed number of calls or less first, you win the jackpot of KES 500,000/- or more!
*Every Friday we offer Super Bingo, where the jackpot increases to KES 1,000,000! Please see our Super Bingo section below for more details.

Diamond Game Jackpots

Max. Calls Jackpot Prize

28 KES 40,000/-
29 KES 30,000/-
30 KES 20,000/-
31+ KES 10,000/-

Diamond Game
In the Diamond Game, you must close 8 numbers in the shape of a diamond to win. Please ask us for a demonstration when you arrive. If you are the first to close your board, you win KES 10,000/-.

We have now introduced a special jackpot on the diamond game offered on EVERY game!

Line Games
In the line games, be the first to close 5 numbes to form a complete line and you win! Lines can be horizontal, diagonal or vertical.

Super Bingo

Super Bingo Jackpot

Max. Calls Jackpot Prize

54 KES 1,000,000/-
55 KES 500,000/-
56 KES 250,000/-
57+ KES 100,000/-

We offer an additional game of Bingo every Friday at 10pm with a jackpot prize of KES 1,000,000/-. There are 3 line games and a Cover All Game for the jackpot. If you complete the card game in 54 calls or less you could become an instant millionaire!

Super Bingo cards cost KES 1,000/-.
This does not affect our daily games which will also be played.

What is Bingo?

Bingo is game played with Bingo Cards and 75 numbered balls.

Every Bingo Card is unique and no 2 contain the same combination of numbers.
The Bingo Card consists of a 25-by-25-square field. The five vertical columns are headed B, I, N, G, and O. Except for the N column, each has five squares numbered sequentially at random. The center square in the N column is an unnumbered "free" space, which can be used to complete a bingo up and down, across, or diagonally. Getting a bingo without using the free space is called a "hard-way bingo."

Bingo players purchase Bingo Cards at the reception. You can buy as many as you like. The more you buy, the better your chances of winning. If you buy more than you can handle, ask a friend or one of our floor clerks to help you. All cards start with all the numbers open, except for the center number, which is a free number and is always considered to be closed.

The numbered Bingo balls are placed in the Bingo machine which ejects them at random. As each ball is ejected, the Bingo Caller will call out the number for everyone to hear. If a player has the number on their card, they close that number. The game continues until a player closes all the numbers to form a line, diamond or the full card, depending on the game.

Once a player completes the game, they shout out "Bingo!" and the game ends.

Bingo Etiquette

Perhaps more than any other casino game, bingo is a social activity. It isn't uncommon for players to form lasting friendships with the other players, floor clerks and other personnel. Novices are welcomed into the fold and are likely to find a seasoned veteran offering (solicited or unsolicited) tips and advice. Unfamiliarity with bingo etiquette can lead to some hard feelings or harsh words from the regulars. Here are some tips to ensure you enjoy your experience with us:

- Buy a card for one of your neighbors at least once a session.
- When you win, "share the wealth" with the people at your table.
- Don't be standoffish, but try to keep your conversations brief and your voice low so the people around you can hear the caller.
- If you order a drink or a snack, ask your neighbors if they are feeling peckish too.
- Most importantly, when you win, shout "BINGO" as loud as you can!